Well begun is not enough

While the path is boring and needs repetitive action but the end result is amazing. The world knows it and few have mastered it and many are following it and lot many are jumping into it. It is the discipline of investing that matters rather than just starting the process. Staying invested after some point of time is more important than actually investing. Yes in the initial period you can feel good for having started but it does not give a major kick in the butt to feel elated because the journey has just begun.

SIP investments are made for long term goals. But it is easy to break because it is liquid enough. You can get down for some time to have a break in your journey but you can’t stop from continuing the journey. Most people tend to drift away not knowing that they are committed for the long journey to reach the state of financial commitment.

The snake and ladder game played in the investment also makes somebody break the journey thinking it does not work for me. The game once started should be completed and the virtue is not just earning it but staying on course on it

Hold it longer for more benefit and you will treasure it for your life. Most people see the ghost image rather than the real image in numbers and hence dilute the benefit. Though SIP is a simple game still it is a mind game as you need to walk the life for long time.

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