About Us

DOSIP team is an experienced team with over 100 years of collective work experience in the business of building wealth for retail and HNI customers. While everybody talks of the big picture and how people have made money in the long run, the simple discipline of where and when to start is missed out. So, for many young investors, it still remains a dream of building wealth and for some it is a suspect since they never witnessed the real growth

DOSIP in its endeavor to demystify the concepts of simple investing will work as your virtual neighborhood advisor. With primary focus on “SIP through Mutual Fund” but will have some other flavor of investment to get a fill picture. Anything and everything about Mutual Funds will be updated and will serve as your educational repository.

You may write to us if there is any specific query or investment counseling needed and will help you reach your financial goals

We may suggest schemes or allocation but do not recommend anything as pre-requisite to avail our service. This service is offered completely free and we don’t intend to charge for any private counseling at this stage.

Come visit, read, learn, research and become you own expert to build wealth the right way